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Router Login

Accessing your Netgear router account has now become easy with both PC and Mobile login interface. You can perform the router login either on your PC or on your mobile device, as per your preference. Follow the below-given procedure for getting login guidance.

Sign In through PC/Laptop

Access internet browser> Switch to the Router Login webpage> Enter login credentials> Click “Sign In”.

Router Login via Mobile Device

  1. Open Google Play/ App Store> Type “Nighthawk” in search bar> Tap “Install”> Double-click downloaded app> Read terms and conditions> click “I Agree”> Grant access to location> Hit “Get Started”.
  2. Click “Sign In”> Enter MyNetgear Login credentials.
  3. Click Connect Manually or Scan QR code and perform the connection process. 
  4. Enter the Router Login default credentials> Press the “Sign In” button.

You can also seek the help of our experts to help you install the extender by calling us at our toll-free customer service numbers or by chatting with them.


Troubleshooting Tips for Router Login

It is normal to get login errors while signing into your Netgear router account. There can be several reasons for these errors. To avoid these errors, you must follow the tips stated below. These tips will help you in avoiding the error as well as resolving it. 

  • Make sure your router, modem, and computer are connected properly.
  • The power supply must be constant.
  • Correct URL must be entered in the address bar. 
  • All the login credentials we enter are case-sensitive.
  • Your internet browser must be updated. 
  • Switch the wired connection to the wireless or visa-versa. 
  • Delete cache files, history, saved passwords, and cookies from your system.



Q1. What is the default IP Address of Netgear routers?

Ans. Most of the Netgear routers have the same IP Address i.e.

Q2. What can I do for the better security of my Netgear router account?

Ans. For better security of your router account, you must change the default password after the first time sign in. Please ensure that the password you create must comply with the stated requirements:

  • Minimum of 6 characters.
  • Add an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, special character, and number.
  • It should not include any personal information. 
  • Must be unique.
  • It should be difficult to guess and easy to remember passwords. 

Q3. In which cases will I need to factory reset my router?

Ans. When changing the default router login password, if password recovery mode is not enabled and you have also forgotten the personalized password, then you need to factory reset your router.  

Q4. Is it necessary to turn off your router when I don’t need the internet connection?

Ans. No. You don’t need to turn off your router. You can leave it on 24/7. However, if you want to save electricity, you can turn your router off. 

Q5. How the advanced settings of the router be accessed?

Ans. A user can access all the advanced settings of the router such as modifying the settings as per your preference, Firmware update, managing the home network, perform a speed test, QR Code sharing, and much more. For accessing all these, you need to perform the Router Login process. Your router account provides you access to all the features. 

Q6. How can I connect my computer to the Netgear router using the LAN cable?

Ans. If you want to establish a connection between your Netgear router and computer system, then:

  • Take the LAN cable and connect one of its end to the router and another end to the modem port. 
  • Also, attach the LAN cable to your computer and router. 
  • After that, plug in the power cable to both router and modem and turn them on. 

Q7. Do I need to register my router in order to make it work?

Ans. No. For making your router work, you don’t need to register it. Registration will only help you in receiving regular notifications and technical support. 

Q8. How can I change the passphrase of your Netgear WiFi?

Ans. In order to change the WiFi security password, you need to sign in to your Netgear router account and then click Wireless> WPA option (under Security). Then, create a new passphrase and hit “Apply”.