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How Does the Netgear Range Extender work?

Netgear extenders are designed to extend your network’s existing coverage area. The extender receives the current wireless signals, uses the strong antennas and amplifiers to reproduce them. Thereafter, it eventually expands the wi-fi coverage. This will extend your WiFi coverage to different floors, spaces, corners of your home or office. This typically doubles the range of WiFi networks that help users enjoy the ultimate connection to the internet.

Process of Netgear Wi-Fi Extender Setup through  Mywifiext 

Kindly, follow these steps for the Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender setup. 

  • Plugin your Netgear Wi-Fi Extender into an electric outlet. 
  • Establish the connection between your Netgear range extender and your computing device.
  • Open an internet browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. 
  • Input the web URL “” in the Address bar. 
  • Opt for “New Extender Setup”.
  • On the welcome page of Netgear Extender, you can select either “Wi-Fi Range Extender” or “Access Point”.
  • Select “Wi-Fi Range Extender”.
  • Choose your preferred Netgear Wi-Fi connection, tap “Next”.
  • In the next window type the Netgear router’s wi-fi password for your selected Netgear Wi-fi router. Then, click “Next”.
  • Choose the network name (SSID) and password of your Netgear extender. 
  • In case, you want to change the SSID and password you can do so. Hit the “Next” button. 
  • Cross-check the Netgear Extender details displayed on your screen. 
  • Now, you need to unplug your Netgear extender and take it to a new location where you want to extend your network. Here, you have to ensure that the new location should be halfway from the router and the device that you want to connect. 
  • After this, you have to take your extender to a new location where you want to extend your network. You need to ensure that the new location should be halfway from the router and the device you want to attach. 
  • Take your extender to a new location and plug it to the wall socket in a new location and turn it on. Once you plugged in the extender you have to wait until the LED light of the extender starts blinking. 
  • This completes the overall procedure of the Netgear Extender setup via Mywifiext. 

You can also seek the help of our experts to help you install the extender by calling us at our toll-free customer service numbers or by chatting with them.


Netgear Extender Red Light Error

You may get a red light on your Netgear Extender when you are getting the poor network connection. 

Points to remember while before resolving the Netgear Extender red light error. 

  • Firstly you have to relocate both your router and the extender into a ventilated place. Also, make sure that the new location should be halfway from your router and the device that you want to connect with.
  • You have to update the Netgear Extender firmware if you are using an older version. Because if your extender is not up to date then also it would not be synchronized with the router. 
  • Along with this, ensure that your extender is properly connected to a power source. If required you can use different adapter and cable.
  • At the time of the Netgear extender setup, you have to ensure that the extender channels that you have selected are the same as the primary router. 
  •  If you are not able to detect any of the wireless signals, you need to select the checkboxes given below.
    • Enable SSID Broadcast
    • Enable Wireless router radio

Method 1- Fix Netgear Range Extender Network Name (SSID) issue-

  • You have to connect your extender with the computer to establish the connection between two using the Ethernet cable. 
  • Launch the web browser and type in the Address bar and hit Enter key.
  • After that, you have to enter the admin username and password in the fields correctly.
  • Once you have logged into the account, go to the “Wi-Fi Settings” and double-check the following options. 
    • Enable 2.4 GHz Wifi
    • Enable 5.0 GHz Wifi
    • Broadcast This Network name (SSID)
    • Note: Just in case, you are using the old version of Netgear Extender, go to the “Settings” option. After this, tap on the  “Advanced” tab and then “Wi-Fi Settings”. Thereafter, click the  “Enable Wireless Access Point” tab and then “Enable SSID Broadcast”.
    • Finally, check the name of the network and ensure that you are searching for the same SSID.

    Method 2- Enable Fast lane Technology on Netgear Extender

    • Firstly, keep your router and your device halfway from the Netgear. Extender.
    • Open your device’s Internet browser, and launch the login page for Netgear Extender. 
    • You are supposed to go to the “Advanced Panel” and tap the “Operating Mode” tab.
    • Opt for the Fast lane technology option. Along with this, you have to opt for the best option from the two that are given below for your device network. 
      • The first option is that select device to the extender with 5GHz band. Whereas, your Netgear extender to the router with 2.4 GHz. 
      • The next option is that select a device to the extender with 2.4GHz. On the other hand, your Netgear extender to the router with 5.0 GHz. 
    • You are now supposed to tap on the “Save” tab after applying the settings.
    • In the end, reboot your extender and see whether the red light is appearing or not.